Animal Management

When we love, respect and take care of our animals they are our friends for life. A happy, healthy dog is a happy, healthy community.

What We Do..


Our main focus is to monitor and implement animal health programs within our communities.
In collaboration with local vets, we model ourselves off AMRRIC (Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities) which utilizes culturally sensitive and humane ways to keep the population of roaming dogs to a minimal.
These include but are not limited to:
Desexing the dogs you have. Big mob of dogs cause big mob of trouble
Control of dog populations through veterinarian-led desexing reduces noise, scavenging and attacks on humans and other animals. 
Learning how to be a good owner of dogs and cats
Education programs to improve the health and welfare of companion animals in our communities

We do not condone nor do we support culling as a means to control the dog population in our rural and remote communities. It breaks the bond, trust and respect we have forged over many years. It has also been proven to be an extremely ineffective way of managing the population.