A Message from the CEO

(From the 2022-2023 Regional Plan)

A message from the CEO

Welcome to Barkly Regional Council’s Regional Plan for the 2022-23 financial year.

 This Plan describes what Council intends to deliver during the financial year to support progress of Council’s and the region’s goals. It has been developed with input from our newly-elected Council, our Local Authorities, and our Council staff under the leadership of a new CEO. It harnesses the value of past endeavor and sets a fresh and dynamic direction for the year ahead. 

This Regional Plan 2022-2023 will guide Council over the next 12 months to ensure that what we deliver is responsible and achievable within a very tight budget. 

2022 sees the Barkly region on the cusp of a boom, with planning and progress on significant investment opportunities currently underway and slated for major progress in our region in the coming years. The list that follows includes just some of the exciting opportunities before us: 

  • The Barkly Regional Deal 
  • Tourism development initiatives
  • Mining, processing and exploration 
  • Solar and renewable energy projects 
  • Agriculture and water stewardship enterprise 
  • Sporting and cultural events 
  • Transport and rail link upgrade 
  • Infrastructure development 
  • Housing development 
  • Streetscape redevelopment
  • Waste reduction, re-use and recycling. 

For Barkly Regional Council, this means focusing our efforts to ensure that our region, our communities and our Council are well positioned and prepared to capture any benefits that might flow from these emerging opportunities. 

During this twelve month period of consolidation, we will also be spending time ensuring our Council is fit for purpose: a strong, sustainable organization that is ready, willing and able to lead and support our community into the future. This will include developing a series of sub-plans and strategies that will confirm our direction and detail the actions required to be taken to address Council’s priorities and deliver community results. 

These plans and strategies will translate our vision from being aspirational to being specific, costed and accountable, ensuring ours is a future-focused Council that is transparent in culture and accountable in nature. 

  • Some our key priorities for 2022-23 include confirming Council’s strategic direction for the next decade through the development of a strategic plan (Better Barkly 2030), further refining our role and responsibilities in relation to delivering the Barkly Regional Deal, and working collaboratively with our Local Authorities to identify local priorities and provide services and infrastructure that best meet our communities’ needs. We will continue to deliver our core services and progress our existing projects. Major projects and programs we will deliver in 2022-23 include: 
  • Youth Centres in Tennant Creek and Ali Curung 
  • Purkiss Reserve Sport & Rec precinct development 
  • Re-sealing of all sealed roads in Ali Curung 
  • Redesign and upgrade of Patterson Street streetscaping in partnership with NTG 

Of course, this Plan which seeks to set up the foundations for an abundant future for the Barkly is only as strong as the commitment of our dynamic staff and our amazing communities. Our communities are our strongest asset and the ultimate ambassadors for our region and our organization. We look forward to working together to deliver this Regional Plan for 2022-23.

Emma Bradbury | Chief Executive Officer
Barkly Regional Council