Event: Desert Harmony Festival: Day 1

Enjoy four days of music, dance, art, film, food, theatre, workshops and cultural activities.

On: Friday, 29 July 2016

Hosted by Barkly Regional Arts, the 27th Desert Harmony Festival runs from 29th July until August 1st and will focus on the theme of 'Healthy Eating, Healthy Living'.
Expect to see some exciting acrobatics flying through the Barkly sky, ballet shoes covered in red dirt, the words of Indigenous language sung to an operatic score and art that tells the stories of this land.
There’s also adventure seeking activities providing an immersive experience into the local community and its culture, the opportunity to taste and create food that is good for the heart and soul and events held under big skies filled with bright stars.

Events tonight
5.30pm Welcome to Country Nyinkka Nyunyu
6:00pm Opening Ceremony TC Primary Oval
6:30pm Barkly Breeze Flying Trapeze
7:30pm WMC 10th Birthday music event

If you would like to ask questions about the Desert Harmony Festival, please contact:
Kathy Burns
Festival Manager
E: festivalmanager@barklyarts.com.au