News: Agreement With New CDP Provider

Council entered into an Agreement with the new CDP Provider RISE / Ngurratjuta

Posted: Monday, 2 September 2019

Mayor Steve Edgington and Acting CEO Mark Parsons signing the Agreement between Barkly Reigonal Council and RISE / Ngurratjuta

On Thursday 29th August, RISE / Ngurratjuta attended the Council meeting to address any concerns and questions Council may have about the agreement they presented. The aim of the agreement is to ensure that both Council and RISE / Ngurratjuta work collaboratively to deliver a CDP program that is effective and beneficial to the Barkly Region and the members of the Barkly community.

After a number of negotiations Council came to a mutual agreement with RISE / Ngurratjuta.

Barkly Regional Council is happy to enter into an Agreement with RISE / Ngurratjuta as we feel that a successful CDP program in the Barkly is an essential part of both, bettering our region, and upskilling members of our community to ensure that a wider range of opportunities are available to them.

Barkly Regional Council welcomes the partnership with RISE / Ngurratjuta and looks forward to seeing the work they will do for the Barkly Region.