News: Barkly Regional Deal one step closer

​The Barkly ‘Regional Deal’ moved another step closer when representatives from the Federal and Territory governments met up with residents.

Posted: Friday, 26 October 2018

MOVING FORWARD: From left Cr Sid Vashist; Cr Jeffrey McLaughlin, Cr Ricky Holmes, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, Mayor Steve Edgington, Senator Nigel Scullion, Cr Kris Civitarese, Cr Ronald Plummer, Cr Ray Aylett and Cr Jack Clubb.

Representatives from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government (NTG), Barkly Regional Council and the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, held a public meeting on Thursday, 25 October, offering an opportunity for people to ask questions and receive more information about the proposed deal. 

The Barkly Regional Deal was born out of several discussions over several months between the Council, the Commonwealth and Territory governments, the Cultural Authority Group, local business people and other organisations, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, within the Barkly.

Earlier this month the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Minister for Indigenous Affairs Senator Nigel Scullion called in on Council to pledge that the regional deal will go ahead.

Mayor Steve Edgington said Mr McCormack told councillors: “We want this to work; this must work, not just for the sake of the people of the Barkly but for other regional communities in Australia, too.”

The proposed deal includes an outline of plans for social and economic development in Tennant Creek and the Barkly, including improving public housing, job opportunities and investment (private and public), as well as promoting and investing in social activities such as the arts and sports.

"We also want the deal to improve infrastructure throughout the region with a five-year plan to attract new industry, business and investment as part of a commitment to making the towns and communities of the Barkly more vibrant, connected and active," the Mayor said.

"There is, of course, a lot more consultation to occur right across the region, and we will keep you informed."