News: Bio security update and Lake Mary Ann now open

The latest ease on restrictions can be found here

Posted: Monday, 25 May 2020

The Australian Government has now confirmed a range of amendments to the Bio security Act to allow residents to move between areas close to Tennant Creek. 

From yesterday, this means that return travel between the following locations and Tennant Creek is now permitted:

🔹Lake Mary Ann / Tingkkarli
🔹Tennant Creek Pistol Club
🔹Tennant Creek Gun Club
🔹Tennant Creek Golf Club 
🔹Juno Centre
🔹Tennant Creek Speedway
🔹Barkly Work Camp
🔹Drive in Camp - opposite Battery Hill
🔹Hingstons Place - off Kaczinsky Road
🔹Jimmy Hooker’s Camp - off Kaczinsky Road
🔹’The Block’ / DS’s Place - Warrego Road

It’s terrific to see some parts of the Barkly getting back to normal and we look forward to restrictions on travel between Tennant Creek and Elliott and our remote communities being lifted on 5 June.