News: Chief Minister meets with Council

Chief Minister Michael Gunner met with Council elected members and staff on Friday to discuss concerns about crime in Tennant Creek.

Posted: Monday, 5 March 2018

Mayor Steve Edgington and councillors Jeffrey McLaughlin, Sid Vashist and Hal Ruger met with the  Chief Minister Michael Gunner, Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison and Housing Minister Gerry McCarthy to discuss a number of concerns about crime and the level of government resources in Tennant Creek.
Representatives from the Northern Territory Police (Tennant Creek and Darwin), the Department of the Chief Minister and the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet were also present.
Some of the outcomes from the meeting included:
Despite having 157 public housing dwellings in Tennant Creek, 18 of which are unoccupied (including 7 beyond economic repair), there is presently no plan in place to increase public housing stock in Tennant Creek.
Police have additional resources in Tennant Creek as part of Operation Haven.
Territory Families have six additional staff in Tennant Creek and have developed an Action Plan that includes providing support for the development and implementation of a Council of Senior Elders and Respected Persons through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of the Chief Minister. For more info visit
The Department of Education is implementing a 'positive learning centre' in Term 2 for the Primary School, Clontarf & the Stars program will expand into the Primary School and there will be additional training and support for staff.
The Department of Education has now released a Tender for the Construction of a New Pre-School and Child and Family Centre.
Council hopes to receive more information from the Chief Minister over the next couple of weeks.