News: Community fire safety management begins

Controlled burns start in Tennant Creek and Elliott this weekend as part of a Hazard Abatement Program.

Posted: Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Tennant Creek Fire Station starts its annual Hazard Abatement Program this coming weekend, in and around Tennant Creek and Elliott Townships. This will run from now until the end of August.
Every year high-risk areas are burnt to reduce the risk of wild fires within the Emergency Response Area; the areas identified are regularly rotated to reduce the impact to wild life and the environment.
Every precaution is taken not to disrupt residents or have smoke affect the town area, however in some circumstances smoke may affect some areas for a short period.
The Tennant Creek Fire Station apologises for any inconvenience caused, however these burns are crucial to safely protecting the residents of Tennant Creek & Elliott townships from wildfire.
For information regarding these planned burns or fire within the town areas of Tennant Creek or Elliott please give the OIC Tennant Creek Fire Station a call on 8962 0903.