News: December Kerbside Collection

Council will collect unwanted household items during the week 11-18 December

Posted: Thursday, 30 November 2017

Collection from 11-18 December

Barkly Regional Council will collect unwanted household items that are too big for wheelie bins as part of the pre-Christmas bulk kerbside collection.

Acceptable materials:
Whitegoods - stoves, fridges, microwaves, freezers, electric irons, fans, air conditioners
Furniture – beds, tables, drawers, chairs, ironing boards, book shelves, mirrors, mattresses, sofas, mirrors
Electronic waste – computers, cables, calculators, stereos, radios, printer cartridges

Non-acceptable materials: Green waste – trees, cuttings, branches, mulch
Car wrecks

Place acceptable materials for collection on the kerbside in front of your home on the Saturday or Sunday BEFORE collection starts on Monday, 11 December.

Residents please note it may take all week for collection to be completed around town.

When putting out items for collection remember:
• Keep piles tidy on the kerb so the footpath or roadway is kept clear.
• Doors must be removed from refrigerators and cupboards.
• Do not put out sharp or dangerous objects.