News: Edna Beryl our best possible gift

The announcement by Emmerson Resources about the future of mining on the Edna Beryl lease was perhaps the best Christmas present Tennant Creek has had for years, BRC president Barb Shaw said.

Posted: Friday, 23 December 2016

"The news of the amount of gold that is potentially at the mine and that the first ore is coming out next year is certainly a wonderful Christmas present for the region,” President Shaw said.

“We need to remember it is still early days for the project but indications so far are highly encouraging.

“Emmerson CEO Rob Bills called the results a ‘bonanza find’ and the company’s announcement that it is going to rely on a local workforce is certainly a bonanza for our region.

“Emmerson’s processes mean there may be a bright future for other known deposits in the region such as Goanna and Bluebird.

“With Mount Peake near Barrow Creek going ahead at full steam towards an early 2018 start-up, work on the gas pipeline starting next year and the results of the feasibility study into the Mount Isa to Tennant rail link due next year, there are plenty of reasons to believe the Barkly has really turned the corner.”

Work being undertaken at Mount Peake will include a railway siding, which could be a boon for pastoralists and the horticulture industry in the region.

President Shaw said there are many reasons for real optimism around the Barkly at the moment.

“Tennant Creek had its good times then it was not so good – but all through those times, we knew the potential of our region is immense,” President Shaw said.

“Four of the eight major exploration projects in the Northern Territory right now are within 100km of Tennant Creek, which speaks volumes for our future.”