News: GET VOTING 2017

Northern Territory Local Government Elections Your Right Your Responsibility

Posted: Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What Are Councils Responsible For?

Councils are responsible for providing a range of services, facilities and infrastructure to communities in their local government area.

Councils meet every 1 to 2 months to make decisions on their responsibilities such as community safety, roads, regional council plans, policies and by-laws.

Members of the community are invited to attend these meetings, except when the meetings are closed to the public.

Council has to ensure money is spent properly on delivering services and programs for your community.

Some of these services include:

 Community services such as aged care and child care

 Night patrol (regional councils)


Sport and recreation programs

Employment and training

Street lighting

Roads and maintenance

Waste, weeds and animal management

Why Vote?

Your opinion counts!

Your chance to have a say

You are part of the decision- making process

Voting is compulsory

You can vote on Election Day or you can:

 Vote early from 14 August 2017

 Visit a mobile polling team

 Or apply for a postal vote online


If you cannot provide a good reason for not voting you may be charged a $50.00 fine.