News: Getting to know your Councillors

Featuring Councillor Greg Marlow

Posted: Friday, 25 March 2022

We had a yarn with Councillor Marlow to share with you his unique take on the Barkly. 

Were you born in the Barkly?

“No, I was born in Perth. Back in 1962. I’ve got a WA birth certificate hence I’ve been able to get in to WA where I am now in Perth for holidays.” 

What drew you to the Barkly? 

“A job! I left high school and went to work for SGIO as a public servant for 9 years while I was studying my degree. In order to finish the degree I had to leave the job. After that I joined Wesfarmers and was there for 18 months and got retrenched in the recession that Mr Keating thought the country deserved. I spent 2 years back in Perth applying for jobs and finally a position in Tennant Creek came up and I moved to the Barkly on 20th of June 1993.”

What Inspired you to become a Councillor? 

“For a long time I’ve been involved in community service. My mindset when I arrived, was the way to settle in to a country town was either to get involved in team sports where you may meet one or two people, or get involved in the community. In my case, I chose the latter and joined rotary, and suddenly I was able to meet everybody. With Rotary you got to meet the key people in town and be part of community events. Now that I am selling up the practice I have more time to spend on getting involved in the community, and more time for things like being on the Council.” 

Can you share a fond memory of the Barkly? 

“A number of events over that 29-year period going back to the mid 80s there was the Cannonball Run, which was a one-off due to the death of a Japanese Dentist driving a red Ferrari. Through Rotary we organised the longest road train, to get the world record, we didn’t get the record but the fact was we had 13 trailers, I think the current record is about 80 trailers so that gives you a bit of perspective. 

Do you have a secret hobby or super power you’d like to share? 

“Well, I guess my superpower is long distance driving. Truck drivers obviously do it for a living, but living here we don’t have a choice. We just jump in the car and drive. Once, the night after we had the current District Governor visit Tennant Creek, my daughter called saying she’d broken down in Coober Pedy. Eleven hours later the look of shock on the Governers’’ face when he saw me in Coober Pedy after being in Tennant Creek the night before was genuine! But we don’t think about it out here, We just get in the car and go! “ 

If you an unlimited supply of money, but you could only put it into one project in the Barkly, what would it be? 

“Right now it’s fairly topical with the entrance statements, getting the lizards finished, but if I had to really get political I’d say the project would be to finish all the current projects.”