News: Going, Going, Gone

The last of the Ambrose Street roundabouts was removed on Tuesday evening.

Posted: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Barkly Regional Council workers toiled well into the night to remove the roundabout at the intersection of Peko Road and Ambrose Street.

It was the last of five roundabouts on Ambrose Street installed in 2013. Over the following years they were removed, with three taken out in July 2014, another one in June 2015 and the final one taken out on Tuesday evening.

A small crowd gathered early on in the evening, watching the men remove bolts on the roundabout and grind out any metal protruding from the road before the Council Bobcat dug up individual panels and delivered them to a dump truck.

CEO Steve Moore said the decision to remove the last of the roundabouts on Ambrose Street was approved by councillors earlier this year.

Mr Moore said over the years Council has received numerous negative comments from the public on the roundabout at the corner of Peko Rd and Ambrose St.

“The roundabout is too large for the intersection and restricts larger vehicles from negotiating the turn without running over the top,” he said. "It’s also difficult for cars towing trailers to go around due to the narrow roadway.”

Two traffic management studies – one carried out in 2014 and another in 2016 – further identified that the roundabout was non-compliant and made several recommendations around its removal.

Following a public survey providing different traffic calming options to residents, Council chose to remove the roundabout and install speed humps and stop signs on Ambrose Street.

Should you require any further information, please contact Council on 8962 0000.