News: Men's Health Awareness at Tennant Creek High School

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Posted: Thursday, 18 June 2020

On June 17 Barkly Regional Council sponsored the end event for an ongoing program with both Primary and Secondary students raising awareness about Mental Health, specifically for men. 

Randall Gould, Tennant Creek Clontarf Academy Director observed "It was great to have all the providers come into the school space and teach our fellas about current and relevant health topics. And then in turn have them become the experts when interviewing other men of our community and then to have that broadcast at the event and on community radio. It takes many people and organisations for events like this to be a success and a huge thank you to all of those”  - 

The past two events have been held out at the Juno facility, however with the uncertainty caused by Covid 19 it was decided to do things a little differently.

Over the previous 4 weeks, health professionals came into the school to deliver some short and sharp relevant health sessions. From these sessions the male students developed questions to ask members of the community about these subjects.

The students conducted the interviews and they were recorded to play on radio during the event.

The Men’s Health day itself was a huge success with a BBQ and Pizza making classes, stalls from Anyinginyi Health and the No More Campaign, who gave away prizes for answering questions. All of this was captured on a 3 hour radio broadcast live from the school.

TCHS students as well as the Year 6 fellas from the Primary School and Mungkarta students visited during the day. Many community members also dropped in to help raise awareness of men’s health.

One of the highlights were the live and pre recorded interviews about Men’s health that the students conducted and were broadcast on 8CCC.