News: Mobile Muster Recycling Box At Council Reception Office

"Don't let your old mobile go to waste. If you can't resuse it do some good and recycle it." - Mobile Muster

Posted: Friday, 9 August 2019

Looking to recycle your old or broken mobile phone?

Come to the Council reception office between 8:00am - 4:15pm and pop your old phone into the Mobile Muster recycling box.

The Mobile Muster program transforms components from mobile phones into materials for reuse. Mobile muster partners with TES, a global leader in electronic waste recycling, to maximize recovery rates and ensure all mobile phone components are processed in an environmentally responsible way.

Mobile Muster recycles 99% of the materials in each mobile phone that is recycled through their program.

For more information about Mobile Muster please visit their website.

We also have Mobile Muster recycling boxes headed out to the following communities in the coming weeks:

  • Ali Curung
  • Ampilatwatja
  • Alpurrurulam
  • Arlparra
  • Elliott
  • Wutunugurra

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