News: myBarkly Voucher Scheme

Save money for free!

Posted: Monday, 9 November 2020

The $40,000 myBarkly discount scheme has been launched by the Barkly Regional Council and the Northern Territory Governmen

Based upon the very successful myDarwin scheme, the myBarkly scheme is an economic development initiative aimed to stimulate the Barkly retail sector, post COVID-19. It achieves this through allowing Residents and Visitors the opportunity to download an app and via the app they can access a daily suite of discount vouchers to spend at participating retailers.

Participating businesses will be identified by having the below logo on their shopfronts or can be found on the myBarkly website. Being a new program, Barkly Regional Council is continuing its call out for more local businesses to sign up.

In launching the scheme, Mayor Jeffrey McLaughlin has said “It’s a great opportunity for local Barkly businesses to offer existing and new customers a discount without the actual discount coming out of their pockets. I encourage all local businesses to sign up, local residents to download the app and start spending".