News: New Candidates for the Barkly Region

New term edges closer as candidates are announced

Posted: Friday, 6 August 2021

Following the Local Government nomination call-outs, the Barkly Regional Council has now entered caretaker period and the new potential candidates have been announced. 

The new candidates for the Barkly Region are divided into Mayoral candidacy and Councillor nominations.

The Mayoral nominations are:

  • Brian Coleman
  • Jeffrey McLaughlin
  • Russell O'Donnell
  • Hal Ruger

The Councillor nominations are as follows:

Alpurrurulam ward (1 vacancy);

  • Pam Corbett

Alyawarr Ward (4 vacancies):

  • Anita Bailey
  • Jack Club
  • Lucy Jackson 
  • Noel Hayes
  • Derek Walker

Kuwarrangu ward (2 vacancies);

  • Sharon Bill 
  • Lennie Barton
  • Kevin Raymond Gaskin
  • Heather Wilson

Patta Ward (5 vacancies);

  • Brian Coleman
  • Catherine Grimley
  • Karan Hayward
  • Greg Marlow
  • Russel O'Donnell
  • Ronald Plummer
  • Hal Ruger
  • Dianne Seri Stokes
  • Kelly White

CEO of the Barkly Regional Council, Steve Moore said "The line-up for the upcoming local government election shows great promise with a good mix of people from the community ready to take up the challenges of the term ahead, we wish everybody the best of luck with their campaigns."