News: Number of dogs on a residential property

Council wishes to advise that the number of dogs on a residential property is limited to two.

Posted: Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Barkly Regional Council wishes to advise the following as per a resolution at the June Ordinary Council Meeting to take effect from 1 July 2018:

  • The maximum numbers of dogs on an unlicensed premise is limited to two dogs.
  • All premises where three or more dogs are kept are required to be licensed as per the Tennant Creek (Control of Dogs) By-law.
  • Council resolved that after seven (7) days in the pound, abandoned animals become property of the Council and can be managed in a manner deemed appropriate by the authorised officer.

For any further queries, please contact:

Scott Spurling Regional Animal & Environmental Health 
Email to
Tel: 08 8962 0000
Letter to PO Box 821, Tennant Creek NT 0861