News: Security over Christmas

Keep you home secure over the festive season with this checklist from the NT Police.

Posted: Thursday, 13 December 2018

One of the most common crimes is house break-ins and statistics show there is a spike during the Christmas to New Year period.
It's easy to see why. The lure of all those brand new Christmas presents is just too good an opportunity to miss for burglars. They’re particularly looking for bicycles, games consoles, phones, laptops, tablets and cameras – all common gifts.
You can reduce the opportunity for thieves to gain entry into your home, by doing the following:

  • LOCK your door – the most effective way to prevent thieves from entering your home;
  • Don’t leave valuables in obvious places. Thieves often target jewellery, in jewellery boxes on bedroom dressers and other valuables in bedside drawers and cupboards;
  • Consider installing an alarm system, motion sensor lighting or closed circuit cameras;
  • Install security screens/doors and ensure they are screen locked;
  • Use an ultra violet (UV) pen to mark property. Mark your valuables with your driver's licence number, prefixed by the letters 'NT' for Northern Territory, for example NT123456;
  • Lock gates, garages and sheds when not in use. Lock all doors and windows, even when you are outside;
  • Keep your house keys, car keys and garage remote controls away from the front door or in obvious places. Thieves may use them to gain entry to your home or to steal your car;
  • Lock all garden tools and ladders away so they can't be used to break into your home;
  • Make sure keyed locks are fitted to all of your doors and windows; and
  • Keep trees and bushes in front of doors and windows trimmed to avoid being used as hiding places.

If you see any suspicious activity in your local community, report it to Police on 131 444 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. For further information contact your local police station or visit

Download your checklist here