News: Street sweeping change comes to town

Barkly Regional Council has purchased a new street sweeper for use in Tennant Creek.

Posted: Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Sweep Dreams are made of this ...

CEO Steve Moore said that new Scarab Mistral Hopper, which cost $366,779, was a big investment for Council as part of its asset renewal program.

“It is one of the biggest unfunded purchases by Council for years,” Mr Moore said. “The old street sweeper had come to the end of its nine-year life, and was continually breaking down.”

“This new machine is easier to operate, has a reversing camera, dual control and CCTV, and is a lot quieter.

“It is also computer controlled, quickly alerting the driver of any blockages in the filter or water pump.  Once attended to, this will prevent those huge plumes of dust that used to billow out of the back of the old one.”

Mr Moore said the high use areas of Tennant Creek require daily attention to keep the township looking clean and welcoming for residents and visitors.

“The new street sweeper is ideal for diverse use in all kinds of locations, such as kerbs, storm water drains and outside shopfronts, and has range of adjustable brushes, a high pressure hose for cleaning and a powerful turbo-charged diesel engine.

“It has an extensive 1250 litre stainless steel water tank to ensure optimal binding of dust and clean exhaust air, providing minimal disturbance to pedestrians and the environment.”