A step toward building a better Barkly for everyone.

Posted: Tuesday, 16 April 2019

It was a momentous day for the Barkly Region on Saturday the 13th April as nearly 100 people watched as The Barkly Regional Deal was signed by The Minister for Regional Services, Sport, Local Government and Decentralisation, Senator, the Honourable Bridget McKenzie, Northern Territory Minister for Housing and Local Government and member for the Barkly region Gerry McCarthy and our very own Mayor, Steve Edgington.

This Regional Deal is the first of its kind for the nation and we couldn’t be happier to accept such a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives all Barkly residents. The Regional Deal is a $78.4 million, 10 year, investment into our community and is proof that if the three tiers of government work together the opportunities are endless.

There will be 28 new initiatives to respond to three major priority areas; economic development, social development and culture and place making. Some of these initiatives include youth infrastructure and crisis support, an arts centre in Elliott, increase in community sports, hew housing just to name a few but perhaps the most exciting thing to come from this deal is the new weather radar.

We look forward to the future and seeing what this 10 year Regional Deal will provide for our families and our communities.

Barkly Regional Deal Publication