News: Vandals damage oval

Vandals have caused around five thousand dollars worth of damage to Staunton Street oval in Tennant Creek within a month.

Posted: Thursday, 9 August 2018

Barkly Regional Council has had to fix the newly installed irrigation system on the Staunton Street oval three times since the first incident on Sunday, 22 July, when vandals smashed the glass face of the main water meter.

Mayor Steve Edgington said it is frustrating because Council workers have put in a lot of time trying to develop the ground to create a recreational space for the community.

“Firstly, the vandals smashed the glass face of the water meter which sent the irrigation system haywire and flooded the oval. The next time the lids of the underground timers were ripped off and when these lids were bolted down the vandals went back and dug up each timer,” he said.

“Such damage not only flooded the oval but has prevented Council workers from putting in grass seed which continues to delay the development of this important recreational space.  Depot workers can’t put the grass seed in until the vandalism stops.”

Mr Edgington said the incidents highlighted a worrying trend in Tennant Creek with the latest published crime statistics showing property damage up by 33 %, house break-ins up by 81% and commercial break-ins up by 62.5%.

“Facilities like the Staunton Street oval are for everyone to use. Vandalism is disrespectful to everybody in the community, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help put a stop to these types of offences.”

Council’s Director Infrastructure Elai Semisi said Council hired a local plumbing contractor to repair the latest damage caused on Sunday morning.

“Intentional damage to community property is unacceptable and it’s something we take very seriously,” Mr Semisi said. “Vandalism, such as this, costs the Council thousands of dollars and this is money that could be better spent on community services or infrastructure.

“We encourage the community to report instances of vandalism to Council on 8962 0000 so repairs can be carried out as soon as possible.”

The matter and names of the vandals have been reported to the Police.