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Council will meet on 18 February 2016. Check inside for what's coming up and some highlights from late 2015.

Posted: Monday, 4 January 2016

  1. Council will change the signage of the Purkiss Reserve Swimming Pool to Tennant Creek Swimming Pool.
  2. Keep an eye out in early 2016 for an invitation to community members to have your say with regards the Purkiss Reserve Master Plan.
  3. Council will soon be advising all applicants for the Community Benefits Grant (Round 1: 2015-16) whether they were successful or not.
  4. An animal health program was carried out in Wutunugurra with the Barkly Veterinary Service in November 2015. Eight male dogs and 14 female dogs were desexed with 86 dogs treated with Ivermectin.
  5. Desert Sevenz, the hip hop band formed as part of Council’s Barkly Desert Culture youth diversion program, finished a two-week music project in Ampilatwatja School in November 2015. CAAMA Radio employed band members to facilitate their own music classes and perform at the CAAMA concert, inspiring the young musicians to be positive role models.
  6. The Ali Curung multi-media program has been regularly attracting 30 young participants daily. Youngsters have been recording and making music with a multi-media trainer for six weeks.