Legislative Framework

It is a requirement under the Local Government Act that the Barkly Regional Council will develop a forward regional plan that will lay out the goals of the organisation for the financial year.

Section 23 of the Local Government Act 2008 states:

A Municipal or Regional Plan:

  • must contain:
    • a service delivery plan for the period to which the municipal or shire plan relates prepared in accordance with planning requirements specified in a relevant regional management plan; and
    • the council’s budget and
  • must contain, or incorporate by reference
    • any long term community or strategic plans adopted by the council or a local board and relevant to the period to which the municipal or shire plan relates; and
    • the council’s long term financial plan; and
  • must contain, or incorporate by reference, the council’s most recent assessment of:
    • the adequacy of constitutional arrangements presently in force for the council under this Act and, in particular, whether they provide the most effective possible representation for the area; and
    • the opportunities and challenges for local government service delivery in the council’s area; and
    • possible changes in the administrative and regulatory framework for delivering local government services in the council’s area over the period for which the plan relates; and
    • where the possibilities exist for improving local government service delivery by cooperation with other councils, or with government agencies or other organisations; and
    • must define indicators for judging the standard of its performance.