FAQs and Answers

Everything you need to know about Local Authorities in the Barkly region.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q. What does a Local Authority do?

A. It advises Council on service delivery plans and gives specific advice on Council community and social projects that can improve the life of residents. Authorities also alert Council to new and emerging issues in the community.

Q. Who can nominate for Barkly Regional Council's Local Authorities ?

A. People who are over 18 and living in the community.

Q. How do I nominate?

A. Complete the nomination form and send into the CEO  or Area Manager by the due date.

Q. How many meetings do I need to attend?

A. Authority members are required to attend a minimum of four (4) meetings a year with meetings being held in the community or at the Council Chambers, 41 Peko Road, Tennant Creek, from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Q. Are meeting fees paid for my time?

A. Yes, a meeting fee is paid for each meeting you attend.

Q. How can I find out more information ?

A. Ring Marilyn Wright, Compliance and Systems Coordinator on 08 8962 0000