Here are some common questions answered for you

1. What time are you open?
Monday to Friday: 7.30am-3.30pm.
2. What happens if my dog is sick or injured?
Please call Barkly Veterinary Practice on 0447 471 399.
3. How long do you keep animals in the pound?
In conjunction with our by-laws, we legally have to keep an animal for seven (7) days and no longer.
4. What happens if you have an animal in the pound for longer than seven (7) days?
Unclaimed animals become the property of the Barkly Regional Council after seven days and will be re-homed.
5. How do I know if my dog is in the pound?
Call the Animal Control number on 0448 058 394.
6. Can I come to the pound to see my dog?
Call the Animal Control number on 0448 058 394 and make arrangements.
7. How do I make a complaint about an animal?
Call the Animal Control Ranger on 0448 058 394 during business hours. You will also need to fill in a form which you can download from the website.
8. Why should I register my dog?
Registering your animal is one of the best methods of identification to return lost animals to their owners.
9. Can I register my dog without having it de-sexed?
Yes. However, the fee for this is more than for a dog that is not de-sexed. Please see our fees and charges for more information.
10. Why should I de-sex my dog?
Barkly Regional Council strongly recommends de-sexing your pets to avoid continuous breeding resulting in unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals. It is beneficial for their health and they are less inclined to roam, looking to breed. Registration is also cheaper if you de-sex your dog.
11. How many dogs can I have on my property?
The Tennant Creek (Control of Dogs) Local Law 2016 permits residents to have no more than two (2) dogs on their property over the age of three (3) months within the township
12. Do you euthanise your animals?
Only if it is necessary to do so i.e. attacks a person or a small child and is seized by police for being a dangerous dog. In these circumstances, they are taken to the vet and euthanised humanely.