Corporate Documents

One-stop shop for annual reports, regional plans, by-laws and code of conduct

Annual Reports

The Council's Annual Reports provide an opportunity for the Council to consider its progress against the Strategic Plan. The Annual Report also includes the Annual Financial Statements for the year. Please find below a copy of the various Annual Reports for the Council.

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Regional Plans

Barkly Regional Council engages constituents through its 13 elected Councillors and seven Local Authorities to develop and publish yearly regional plans.

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Barkly Regional Council has six By-Laws enacted, which are listed in the below Register of By-Laws, in accordance with Section 192(3)(a) of the Local Government Act.

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Council's Code of Conduct

Barkly Regional Council’s Code of Conduct covers the standards of behaviour that apply to both Council and Local Authority members.

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Council Biz

CouncilBIZ, a local government subsidiary operating under the auspices of the Local Government Act, established to manage the information technology support of regional councils.

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Procurement Register

Latest procurement records for public access

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