Night Patrol

Ensuring community safety

Barkly Regional Council runs night patrol services in the communities of Ali Curung, Alpurrurulam, Ampilatwatja, Arlparra, Elliott, Tara and Wutunugurra. 

Night Patrols are a vital community program focused on the safety of the community, in particular the protection of children, vulnerable and at risk people, by using cultural mediation skills, engaging with youth people, defusing potentially violent incidents and reducing adverse contact for local people with the criminal justice system.

The core functions of the night patrol are to provide basic services such as:

  • safe transportation
  • diversion from contact with the criminal justice system
  • intervention to prevent disorder in communities.

Night Patrol Officers are supported in their work with a Certificate 3 in Community Night Patrol training program with Charles Darwin University.  The training is there to assist each night patrol team across the Barkly region in building staff members confidence and self esteem to deal with any issues or turmoil in a community, and doing so safely. Night patrol teams are also supplied with vehicles, radios, and uniforms, and receive appropriate training in four-wheel driving, occupational health and safety, numeracy and literacy, and team leadership. 

Night Patrol Officers also play a pivotal role in maintaining cohesion at community sports carnivals in the Barkly Regional Council area. Patrols from neighbouring communities support each other’s events, together strengthening community safety for all concerned.