Referring to the Barkly’s rich history in mining, they often call the Barkly the golden heart of the Northern Territory. That heart continues to beat strongly with some strong exploratory results leading to a number of new mining projects commencing in the near future.

Being in the heart of the Northern Territory also means the Barkly and more specifically Tennant Creek is located where the roadways from the East Coast of Australia, Southern Australia, and Darwin meet. Couple this with a freight rail line linking the North and South of Australia means the Barkly is starting to realise its strategic location from a logistical sense. Evidencing this is the development study into the establishment of a multi-modal facility and rail terminal at Tennant Creek, currently being undertaken.

The Barkly is renowned as being cattle country and agriculture continues to be a strong economic driver in the region. However a new type of farming is emerging, The Barkly has one of the highest solar irradiance resources on the planet. Meaning the energy sector is starting to look to the Barkly to produce clean, renewable energy via solar farms. The flagship of these projects is Sun cable’s plans to build the world’s largest solar farm in the Barkly which will eventually provide 20% of Singapore’s energy needs by 2027.

All of these opportunities, plus having Central Northern Territory’s service centre in the region, means there are plenty of opportunities in the Barkly for investors and business owners. 

Contact the NTG’s Economic Development Manager, Rob Duncan on 08 8962 4675 for further information on how you can invest in the Barkly.