Committee Meetings 2018

Audit Committee
Mayor Steven Edgington, Cr. Kris Civitarese, Cr. Sid Vashist, Cr. Ronald Plummer and Cr. Jeffrey McLaughlin  

Purkiss Reserve Consultative Committee
Cr. Kris Civitarese and Cr. Ronald Plummer (ex-officio); Wayne Green (Chairman), Ray Wallis, Grant Melzer, Michelle Bates, Emma Rush, Jo Rush

Cultural Competency Advisory Committee
Mayor Steve Edgington, Deputy Mayor Noel Hayes, Cr. Ronald Plummer, Cr. Jack Clubb, Cr. Ricky Holmes, Cr. Lucy Jackson and Cr. Jennifer Mahoney 

Animal Management Working Group
Cr. Ray Aylettt and Cr. Ronald Plummer 

Local Tourism Advisory Committee
Cr. Jeffrey McLaughlin 

Development Consent Authority Committee
Mayor Steve Edgington and Cr. Hal Ruger 

Upcoming Meetings

  1. Fri, 19 Jan Tennant Creek, Purkiss Reserve
  2. Wed, 7 Feb Tennant Creek, Audit Committee
  3. Fri, 23 Feb Tennant Creek, Cultural Competency
  4. Fri, 20 Apr Tennant Creek, Purkiss Reserve
  5. Tue, 24 Apr Tennant Creek, Audit Committee
  6. Tue, 24 Apr Tennant Creek, Cultural Competency
  7. Fri, 20 Jul Tennant Creek, Purkiss Reserve
  8. Wed, 25 Jul Tennant Creek, Audit Committee
  9. Wed, 25 Jul Tennant Creek, Cultural Competency
  10. Fri, 19 Oct Tennant Creek, Purkiss Reserve
  11. Wed, 24 Oct Tennant Creek, Audit Committee
  12. Wed, 24 Oct Tennant Creek, Cultural Competency

Past Meetings

  1. Wed, 25 Oct 2017 Tennant Creek, Audit Committee - Cancelled
  2. Wed, 25 Oct 2017 Tennant Creek, Cultural Competency - Cancelled
  3. Thu, 12 Oct 2017 Tennant Creek, Purkiss Reserve Consultative Committee
  4. Mon, 5 Jun 2017 Tennant Creek, Finance and Operations