Complaints and Compliments

Managing customer requests and complaints is a priority for Barkly Regional Council


Barkly Regional Council is committed to delivering quality customer service and communicating effectively with our community.
We realise that sometimes, despite our best efforts, people may not be happy with the way we have performed a service.
Our online form allows you, the resident and customer, to register your complaint or compliment.
The form allows Council to:

  • Ensure that feedback received is handled in an appropriate, effective and systematic way allowing corrective actions to be put in place where necessary
  • Increase the level of community satisfaction with Council services and in turn, contribute to increased job satisfaction of staff.

Just fill in the form and it will be automatically emailed to reception for processing.


To inform the council about a potential breach of conduct from one of the elected members, you can find the form as a PDF here and as a word document here.