Regional Plans

Barkly Regional Council engages constituents through its 13 elected Councillors and seven Local Authorities to assess and refine yearly regional plans.

It is a requirement under the Local Government Act that the Barkly Regional Council develop a forward regional plan that will lay out the goals of the organisation for the financial year.

Section 23 of the Local Government Act 2008 states:

A Municipal or Regional Plan:

  • must contain:
    • a service delivery plan for the period to which the municipal or shire plan relates prepared in accordance with planning requirements specified in a relevant regional management plan; and
    • the council’s budget and
  • must contain, or incorporate by reference
    • any long term community or strategic plans adopted by the council or a local board and relevant to the period to which the municipal or shire plan relates; and
    • the council’s long term financial plan; and
  • must contain, or incorporate by reference, the council’s most recent assessment of:
    • the adequacy of constitutional arrangements presently in force for the council under this Act and, in particular, whether they provide the most effective possible representation for the area; and
    • the opportunities and challenges for local government service delivery in the council’s area; and
    • possible changes in the administrative and regulatory framework for delivering local government services in the council’s area over the period for which the plan relates; and
    • where the possibilities exist for improving local government service delivery by cooperation with other councils, or with government agencies or other organisations; and
    • must define indicators for judging the standard of its performance.

Previously called a Shire Plan, the Regional Plan is refined annually and presented as a draft document and following a 21 day period, public comments are considered by the Elected Councillors.
The final approved Regional Plan is then tabled with the Northern Territory Government.
The Regional Plans provided below describe the vision for our region and explains what we do and our operating environment for each projected period addressing our vision, mission and values and how we plan to achieve our vision.



    This Local Government Regional Management Plan (RMP) for the Central Australian Region is a statutory instrument under part 3.1 of the Local Government Act 2008 (NT). It comes into effect on 1 July 2011 and has a term of 4 years, during which time it can be reviewed.

    The local government bodies covered by terms of this plan are:

    i) MacDonnell Shire Council; ii) Central Desert Shire Council; iii) Barkly Shire Council; iv) Alice Springs Town Council

    Review of the Constitutional Arrangement for Council Electoral Representation

    Completed 8 July 2020