Recent Successful Tenders

In accordance with Section 29 (3) of the Local Government (Accounting) Regulations under the NT Local Government Act, please note the following tenders have been awarded.

Supply and Deliver LED Street Lights to Tennant Creek
Winning Tenderer: MM Electrical Merchandising for $188,871.66 (including GST)

12 Month Fire Protection and Detection System Servicing
Winning Tenderer: Ronin Security Technologies for $85,901.80 (including GST)

Alpurrurulam Skate Park Construction
Winning Tenderer: Remote Concrete for $220,508.00 (including GST)

Fence at Alpurrurulam Landfill Waste Site;  
Winning Tenderer: Hardy Fencing for $156,235.42 (including GST)

HVAC upgrade of Tennant Creek Civic Hall; 
Winning Tenderer: Emperor Refrigeration for $324,511.00 (including GST)

Construction of a basketball court roof at Wutunugurra; 
Winning Tenderer: Harvey Developments for $212, 541.63 (including GST)

Sport and Recreation Facility Upgrade in Elliott; 
Winning Tenderer: GK Contractors, Tennant Creek, NT; $219,984.36 (including GST)

Design & Construct tender for Ali Curung basketball COLA has been awarded to Harvey Developments on 4th Oct 2018 for the price of $216,700 (including GST)

Road repairs at Alpurrurulam under the Roads to Recovery Funding (R2R);
Winning Tenderer: Remote Civil Pty Ltd., Katherine, NT; $589,819.56 (including GST)


Construction of a new AFL football oval in Elliott;
Winning Tenderer: Arnhem Earthmoving Mechanical Pty Ltd., $937,065.71 (including GST)


Supply of a Skid Steer Loader complete with Cold Planer/Milling Head and Water Tank for Council road maintenance works. 
Winning Tenderer: Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd; $114,314.20 (including GST)

Purchase of new street sweeper for Tennant Creek.
Winning Tenderer: Rosmech Sales and Services Pty. Ltd; $354,196.70 (including GST)

Purchase of two backhoe/loaders for Alpurrurulam and Ali Curung. 
Winning Tenderer: JCB Construction Equipment Australia; $374,000.00 (including GST).

Purchase of Flocon Truck; 
Winning Tenderer: AustRoads; $181,500 (including GST)

Tennant Creek Fire Alarm Upgrade;
Winning Tenderer: Ronin Security, Alice Springs, NT; $243.067 (including GST)

Asset Revaluation;
Winning Tenderer: AssetVal, Queensland; $50,600 (including GST)

BRC-006-16 Tennant Creek Landfill Master Plan;
Winning Tenderer: Iolor; $32,670 (including GST)

BRC-005-16 Fire Fighting Equipment Management;
Winning Tenderer: Endfire Engineering, Darwin; $233,046 (including GST)

BRC-004-16 Traffic Management Study(Part I & II). Traffic study in 5 communities of the Barkly, NT;
Winning Tenderer: Cardno, Darwin; $189,208.80 (including GST)

Construction of Ablution Block on Atnwengerrpe, Utopia homeland, NT:
Winning Tenderer: Curtis Construction, Tennant Creek; $203,120 (including GST)

Purchase of Garbage Truck;
Winning Tenderer: East Truck Sales Pty ltd; $99,500 (including GST)

19 March 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 76/15) BRC-004-14 External audit services contract 2014/15 – 2017/18 Barkly region. $176,000 (including GST)

19 February 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 37/15) BRC-003-14 Football Change Rooms, Purkiss Reserve, Tennant Creek, NT. $879.506 (including GST)

19 February 2015, Resolution of Council (OC 37/15) BRC-002-14 Purkiss Reserve Swimming Pool, Tennant Creek NT. $3,638,368.80 (including GST)

17 July 2014, Resolution of Council (OC 146/14) Purkiss Reserve Design, Tennant Creek. $296.538.60 (including GST)