New Bin Rollout 2018

Residents of Tennant Creek are being asked to follow these simple steps during the rollout of new Council-owned bins in September.

During the month of September Barkly Regional Council will replace all old waste bins in Tennant Creek with new Council-owned red-lid wheelie bins. 

Council asks residents to be patient during this month-long rollout, which commences on Monday, 3 September, and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Please follow this step-by-step guide to help ensure a smooth process:

  • Place your waste bin(s) out for servicing on your usual bin night. The first batch of bins with red lids will be delivered on Monday, 3 September.
  • Council will then empty your old wheelie bin(s), return to the kerbside and drop off a new waste bin with a red lid. 
  • Letters to property owners, who in the past have paid for a bin or a number of bins as part of their rates bill, will be taped on to the lid of the old bin. If you have paid for extra bins you will be allocated the appropriate number of new bins. 
  • Remove the new bin(s) with a red lid from the kerbside and secure on your property.
  • Take the letter taped to the lid of the old bin and find enclosed a sticker, saying, ‘Please remove this bin’.
  • If you want Council to remove the old bin/s place the enclosed sticker on top of the lid of the old bin(s), and leave on the kerbside ready to be collected.
  • Do not place waste in the old bin(s) once they have been emptied. Allow for seven days, up to the next bin collection date at least, for the old bin(s) to be removed.
  • Old bins may be kept but they will no longer be emptied once the waste bin with a red lid is delivered. Only red-lid waste bins will be emptied.
  • Tenants will need to check with landlords as to what they want done with the old bins or any extra bins on the property. 
  • Place the red lid waste bin(s) out for servicing on your next bin night.
  • If you know you will not be home for your next bin collection, ask family, friends or neighbours to place the old bin/s out and retrieve the new red-lid waste bin.
  • If you have an old wheelie bin which does not get replaced by the end of September, please call Council on 08 8962 0000.