The policies, procedures and documents of Barkly Regional Council sit alongside the governing legislation of the Local Government Act 2019, providing a basis for all operations.

The policies and documents below are approved by Council and reflect Councils commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability. Barkly Regional Council has various policies which broadly fall into three main categories:
  1. LEGISLATED POLICIES: Policies contained within relevant legislation, such as the “Local Government Act", are automatically applicable to Council.
  2. GENERAL POLICY DIRECTIONS: Currently general policy directions, e.g. By-Laws, are brought to Council through the relevant standing committee before implementation.
  3. STAFF DIRECTION/S: Staff directions are generally authorised by the CEO, and may emanate from a particular situation that has arisen.

  1. Borrowing
  2. Extra meeting allowance
  3. Gifts and Benefits (CEO)
  4.  Investment
  5.  Local Authority 
  6.  Procurement
  7.  Caretaker
  8.  Rate Concession
  9.  Filling Casual Vacancies
  10. Travel and Accommodation (Council Members)
  11. Reasonable Expenses and Non-Monetary Benefits (Council Members)
  12.  Attendance at Meetings Via Audio or Audiovisual
  13. Confidential Information and Business 
  14. Sufficient Interest in the Assessment Records
  15.  Sufficient Interest in the assessment records - Stat dec Accountable forms policy (Staff)
  16. Gifts and Benefits (Council Members)
  17.  Professional Development
  18. Casting Vote 
  19. CEO Allowance and other benefits
  20. CEO Code of Conduct 
  21. Complaint Against the CEO
  22.  Human Resource Management
  23. Breach of Code of Conduct
  24. Shared Services
  25. Accounting Privacy
  26. Accountable Forms (Members and CEO)
  27.  Credit Card (Members and CEO)
  28.  Delegation Manual
  29.  Debtor Management Policy
  30. Credit Card (Council Staff)
  31.  Principle Accounting 
  32. Financial Management Reporting
  33. Annual Financial Statement and Key Dates
  34.  Accounting Business Systems Asset Management
  35. Cash Handling
  36. Recruitment, Selection and Probation Policy
  37. Council Staff Code of Conduct
  38. Staff Performance and Appraisals
  39. Training and Development
  40. Grievance
  41. Fraud and Corruption
  42. Gifts and Benefits (Council Staff)
  43. Equal Opportunity: Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy
  44. Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  45. Relocation Assistance Policy
  46. Asset Management Policy
  47. Designated Smoking Area Policy
  48. ICT Acceptable Usage Policy
  49. Mandatory Reporting Policy
  50. Youth Supervision Policy
  51. BRC Common Seal Policy
  52. BRC Committee Policy
  53. BRC Risk Management Policy

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