The policies, procedures and documents of Barkly Regional Council sit alongside the governing legislation of the Local Government Act 2019, providing a basis for all operations.

The policies and documents below are approved by Council and reflect Councils commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability. Barkly Regional Council has various policies which broadly fall into three main categories:
  1. LEGISLATED POLICIES: Policies contained within relevant legislation, such as the “Local Government Act", are automatically applicable to Council.
  2. GENERAL POLICY DIRECTIONS: Currently general policy directions, e.g. By-Laws, are brought to Council through the relevant standing committee before implementation.
  3. STAFF DIRECTION/S: Staff directions are generally authorised by the CEO, and may emanate from a particular situation that has arisen.

  1. Accountable Forms Policy - Members and CEO
  2. Accountable Forms Policy – Staff
  3. Attendance At Meetings Via Audio Or Audiovisual Conferencing System Policy
  4. Aged Care Services Policy
  5. Asset Management Policy 
  6. Borrowing Policy
  7. Budget Policy
  8. Breach Of Code Of Conduct Policy - Council Member
  9. Caretaker Policy
  10. Casting Vote Policy
  11. Children in the Workplace Policy
  12. Civic Hall Hire Waiver of Fees Policy
  13. Code of Meeting Practice Policy
  14. Code Of Conduct Policy Employees
  15. Code Of Conduct Policy Members And Councillors
  16. Community Consultation Policy 
  17. Community Grants Policy
  18. Confidential Information and Business Policy - Council Meeting
  19. Confidentiality Policy
  20. Conflict of Interest Policy
  21. Councillor Portfolios Policy
  22. Credit Cards Policy - CEO and Staff
  23. Debtor Recovery Policy
  24. Delegations Policy
  25. Disposal of Property Policy
  26. Document Control Policy
  27. Domestic, Family & Sexual Violence Policy
  28. Donations Sponsorship and Scholarship Policy
  29. Elected Member Access to Information Policy
  30. Elected Members Extra Meeting Allowances Policy
  31. Elected Members Casual Vacancy Policy
  32. Elected Members Travel & Accommodation Policy
  33. Elected Members Reasonable Expenses and Non-Monetary Benefits Policy
  34. Equal Employment Opportunity
  35. Financial Sustainability and Revenue Policy
  36. Footpath Policy
  37. Fraud Protection Policy
  38. Gifts and Benefits Policy - CEO
  39. Gifts and Benefits Policy - Council Members
  40. Gifts and Benefits Policy - Staff
  41. Good Governance Policy
  42. Government Grants and Funding Agreements Policy
  43. ICT Acceptable Usage Policy
  44. Investment Policy
  45. Juno Usage Policy
  46. Learning Development Policy 
  47. Library Policy
  48. Local Authority Member Allowance Policy
  49. Local Authorities Operations Policy
  50. Local Authority Establishment Policy
  51. Low Aromatic Fuel (OPAL) Policy
  52. Managing External Complaints Policy 
  53. Media Consultation Policy
  54. Member's Disciplinary Policy
  55. Overtime Policy
  56. Petition Management Policy
  57. Policy and Procedures Framework Policy
  58. Principal Member Protocol Policy 
  59. Privacy Policy
  60. Professional Development Allowance Policy – Council Members
  61. Protected Public Interest Disclosure Policy
  62. Protocols for Acknowledging and Welcome to Country
  63. Prudential Project Management Policy
  64. Procurement Policy
  65. Rates Exemption and Concession Policy
  66. Recruitment Selection Policy 
  67. Records Management Policy
  68. Recycling Policy
  69. Shared Services Policy
  70. Smoke Free Policy 
  71. Staff Travel and Accommodation Policy
  72. Sufficient Interest In The Assessment Record Policy
  73. Uniform Policy
  74. Vehicle Use Policy
  75. Verge Policy
  76. Walkways and Laneways Policy
  77. Youth Council Establishment Policy
  78. Youth Council Operations Policy
  79. Employee Grievances And Dispute Resolution Policy
  80. Employee Induction Policy
  81. Employee Recognition Policy
  82. Probation Policy
  83. Safe Handling of Sharps and Needle Policy
  84. Social Media Policy (Employees)
  85. Staff Housing Policy - Tennant Creek
  86. Stock Take Policy
  87. Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure
  88. Work Health and Safety Policy Statement