Becoming a Library member is easy

1: Head on down to the library on 41 Peko Road, next to Council chambers.
2: Make sure you have photo ID and proof of residency or security deposit for Temporary memberships 
3: Request and fill out the membership application at the service desk
4: Wait a few minutes for your application to be processed 
5: Find a great book or movie.
6: Borrow the item

Membership types:

Local Resident (living within the Barkly Region Local Government Area)

Residents of the Barkly Region can become a library member for FREE. You just need to provide photo ID, along with proof of residency at a local address such as a Drivers License, a Tenancy Agreement, a concession card or a Power and Water bill.

A local resident member has a borrowing limit of 15 items.


For visitors, we can set up a Temporary membership. Simply submit your application with a security deposit of $50.00 cash*  in lieu of the proof of residency. And don’t worry. Once you bring everything back in good condition before you leave, we’ll refund your deposit
A temporary member has a borrowing limit of 5 items

*Please note that the library is not equipped to accept EFT or cheque payments. The $50.00 security deposit must be provided in cash only, allowing for a quick and easy refund. 

Membership Benefits:

Library Members have access to additional benefits including:

     o Fiction, Non-Fiction, Large Print and Picture books

     o Comics & Graphic Novels

     o Movies and TV Series

     o Audiobooks

     o Magazines

- Use high speed  internet while inside the library for free (options of PCs or Wi-Fi)

(Please note: Wi-Fi Currently not available)

- Access member only online resources such as BorrowBox were eBooks, eAudibooks and ePress(Magazines) are available.

- Use your membership card in nearly any public library in the NT 

Loan Periods:

6 weeks  =  Books, Audio Books and magazines

1 Week   =  DVDs

For more information about becoming a member, contact the library on 08 8962 0094.