Purkiss Reserve

A final copy of the Purkiss Reserve Master Plan is now available

The Purkiss Reserve Master Plan, endorsed in April 2016 by Council after public submissions were reviewed, is now available under the facilities page or click on the following link.

Council received $20,000 to engage Elton Consulting in conjunction with Bennett Design Architect to deliver a master plan on the future use and development of Purkiss Reserve, an important public space approximately 9.6 ha.

The space is a critical amenity for Tennant Creek and provides cultural sporting entertainment and facilities for healthy lifestyles of all ages. It is the only space of this kind where people can access open green space to walk and exercise. It also brings great visual relief to town which is placed in what can be a harsh environment. 

A copy of the Purkiss Reserve Master Plan is available here or at reception, 41 Peko Road, Tennant Creek.