Event: Local Exhibition Open

Hurry, last few days to catch the wonderful Bush Botanics Exhibition at Barkly Regional Arts before 13 December.

On: Thursday, 13 December 2018

Artwork by Lindy Brodie

The Bush Botanics, a collaborative community arts exhibition exploring local plants through art, language and stories, finishes on Thursday, 13 December.

Proudly presented by Barkly Regional Arts, the Bush Botanics exhibition displays a fascinating collection of art, knowledge, language, videos  and stories  about health, bush medicines, and bush tuckers of the Barkly region.

Produced as part of Barkly Regional Arts’ Visual Arts Program, and led by Visual Arts Coordinator and botanical illustrator Yoana Mynah, this collaborative project includes work and knowledge developed and created by Artists of the Barkly, Artists of Ampilatwatja, Central Land Council’s Muru-warinyi Ankkul Rangers, Barkly School students and Traditional Owners from Tennant Creek,  Epenarra, Elliott, Marlinja, and Canteen Creek.

The Bush Botanics exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday, 5 September – Thursday, 20 December 2018.

VENUE: Barkly Regional Arts Gallery, Visual Arts Studio, 65 Staunton St, Tennant Creek

OPEN TIMES: Monday-Friday  8am – 4:30pm

FACILITATED SESSIONS:  From 4 October through to December,.

For any inquiries contact Yoana Mynah via studio@barklyarts.com.au OR Kathy Burns via artisticdirector@barklyarts.com.au