News: Australia Day is coming

Get ready for an action-packed Australia Day folks ...

Posted: Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Whether you build a raft, take part in the tug of war, run in the Triathlon or just simply watch other people slip and slide in the mud, there are plenty of activities for everyone on Australia Day.
The day will kick off with a Triathlon at Lake Mary Ann at 6am, followed by the flag raising, official proceedings and champagne brekky at Battery Hill from 8am. Breakfast is $12 and there's also the Citizenship Ceremonies and Australia Day Awards.
From 12 noon there's fun and games including tug of war, egg relay, raft race, pie eating contest and leaky bucket race out at Lake Mary Ann.
For sponsorship or enquiries, please phone Ktima Heathcote on 8962 0027 or email
Game rules, entry forms and updates are available on the Australia Day page: