News: BRC adoptions hire local policy for community recruitment

Barkly Regional Council (BRC) has successfully been working on a targeted recruitment drive in its eight community service centres.

Posted: Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Barkly Regional Council (BRC) has successfully been working on a targeted recruitment drive in its eight community service centres.

Across Ali Curung, Alpurrurulam, Ampilatwatja, Arlparra, Elliott, Wutungurra, Imangara and Mungkarta, there are 28 remaining positions to fill.

Mayor Jeffery McLaughlin said there was understandably challenges to fill vacancies in remote communities, however BRC’s recruitment team has adopted a hire local policy.

“The focus has been on local employment for local residents, with positions being advertised in each community on noticeboards and via word of mouth,” he said.

“One real success story is the example of the Elliott recruitment drive, where the management and leadership team is Aboriginal.”

Mayor McLaughlin said Council has also adopted new procurement measures which cuts red tape for local decision-making to further empower remote communities and Local Authorities.

“And since early March, we have been working on our transient workforce and now our Council employees can work at multiple communities.

“This means if staff need to travel to another community for Sorry Business or other family commitments, they can work at that community during our stay.”

Within Tennant Creek, BRC faces the same workforce shortage challenges as other government and non-government organisations and businesses to attract talent to the region, however has made headway to attract local employees to fill key roles.

Barkly Regional Council is the second largest biggest government area in the country encompassing an area larger than the state of Victoria with communities to service scattered throughout the 322,713 square kilometres.

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