News: Gas pipeline reignites economic benefits

Council welcomes the recent news that the North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) Pipeline will run from Tennant Creek to Mount Isa.

Posted: Friday, 27 November 2015

The Northern Territory Government recently selected Jemena Northern Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd to construct and operate the North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) Pipeline to connect NT gas to eastern gas markets.

President Barb Shaw said Barkly Regional Council (BRC) supports this new development especially as it benefits the region of the Barkly economically and that is always a positive thing for the area.
On behalf of Council I would particularly like to congratulate the ministerially appointed Tennant Creek Economic Development Committee (TCRED) for all its hard work in campaigning for the pipe line," she said.
In February this year members of the TCRED made history when they formed a cross border alliance with stakeholders in Mt Isa in Queensland. Aiming to be a conduit between major projects and businesses, the alliance’s first priority was to lobby for the North East Gas Interconnector between Mt Is and Tennant Creek.
The pipeline connects the ever-increasing energy needs of the east coast with the vast gas reserves in the Northern Territory. Without this pipeline, the populated parts of Australia would have huge difficulty securing their energy needs.
It is estimated the Territory has more than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas – potentially enough to power Australia for more than 200 years.