News: Many remote communities still cut off

Unusually high rainfall is continuing to impact on most remote communities across the Barkly.

Posted: Tuesday, 24 January 2017

After a much wetter than average last six months of 2016, 2017 has started with near-record January rainfalls right across the Barkly Region.

Arlpara, Ampilatwatja, Murray Downs, Epenarra, Canteen Creek and Alpurrurulam areas have all recorded significant rainfall and roads throughout the region have closed as a result.

Anybody travelling to any remote communities are advised to check the Northern Territory road report website at

Meanwhile, a business plan has been presented to Territory and Federal Ministers for a replacement Doppler radar for the Barkly region.

The recent heavy rainfall has highlighted the need for the radar to be relaced and BRC president Barb Shaw said the council is fully supportive of the move.